Android Web service using Ksoap 1

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1)      Install WSD2java plugin ( and ( plugin in eclipse (To install the plugin, simply copy and extract both and  into the %ECLIPSE_HOME%/plugins     directory and (re)start your Eclipse workbench.)

  •        After that setup “ Axis2-1.4in eclipse. 
  •        Open Eclipse. Go to Window -> Preference and you will get the following screen

  • Click on “Web Services -> Axis2 Preferences”
  • Browse the directory to the location, where we have extracted The “axis2-1.4”
  • We should get the following screen “Axis2 runtime loaded sucessfully”. ->Ok
  • Create a new “Dynamic Web Project
  • Make sure Server is configured Properly. -> Finish
  • Create a new package. Right Click on “src -> New -> Package “ -> Finish
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  • Create a new Java class inside the same Package.

Create class “Calculate” inside the package, with following methods.

public class Calculate {
    public int sum(int i, int j) {

         return (i + j);

  }public int subtract(int i, int j) {

         return (i – j);

   }public int multiply(int i, int j) {
         return (i * j);

public int divide(int i, int j) {

    return (i / j);
  • When services are deployed to Axis, the wsdd file is used during the deployment and its contents end up within server-config.wsdd in /usr/local/OMII/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.25/webapps/axis/WEB-INF.
  • Since we dont have such file, we have to create a “server-config.wsdd”
  • Right Click on “WEB-INF” and select “New -> File”. Name it as “server-config.wsdd”.
  • Make sure you have the following jar files inside the library of created Project.
  1. activation.jar
  2. commons-discovery.jar
  3. jaxrpc.jar
  4. mail.jar
  5. saaj.jar
  • These jar files are required for successful completeion of creation of WSDL service. So if you dont have kindly download it inside the lib folder of axis2-1.4.
  • So now we to copy paste all the library from lib folder inside the lib of project
  • From : C:\Users\jars\Axis2\axis2-1.4\lib
  • To : WEB-INF\lib

  • Right Click the Java Class we created “”.
  • New -> WebService -> Next
  • Click on Web Service runtime : Apache Axis
  • Select Apache Axis 2 and click OK.  

  • Select Next and then click “Start Server.”
  • Click “Next”->Finish.
  • Right click on Project. Select Run As -> Run on Server
  • If you get the following error “HTTP Status 404 – /AndroidBackend/”……its fine. dont worry about it.
  • Change the url to “http://localhost:8080/AndroidBackend/axis2-web/index.jsp”.
  • Click on Services.
    • If you get the above screen, we have sucessfully created a wsdl file. The only step Remaining is to click on “Calculate”.
    • If it points to “http://localhost:8080/AndroidBackend/services/Calculate?wsdl” with a wsdl file in your web browser, We have successfully created a wsdl file for our android app.