How Create AVD for Samsung Galaxy Tab

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1. Open the Android AVD and SDK Manager 
2. Select Available Packages in the left panel of AVD Manager.

3. Click “Add ADD-on Site” and enter the URL below. 

4. Check Samsung GALAXY Tab Add-on packages and click install button.
5. Check Samsung GALAXY Tab Add-on license & Click install button.
6) After downloading and installation of GALAXY Tab Add-on, you should restart ADB (Android Debug Bridge) or Eclipse.

The important specs of this device, from an Emulator perspective, are:
  • Target platform: Android 2.2, Galaxy Tab
  • Screen Info: High Density, despite the fact that it’s not, this is what it reports, WSVGA (1024×600)
  • No keyboard
  • Has dual cameras
Let’s create an AVD configuration called GalaxyTab:
  • Within Eclipse, launch the Android SDK and AVD Manager
  • Select “Virtual Devices” from the left-hand options
  • Click the “New” button to create a new AVD configuration
  • Name the AVD: “GalaxyTab”
  • Select the Target: “GALAXY Tab Addon (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.) – API Level 8”
  • Input the SD Card Size: “2048 MiB” (or a suitable value for your uses)
  • Keep the default Skin Details: “Default (GALAXY Tab)”
  • Keep the default Hardware Property for Abstracted LCD Density: “240” (despite the real density being 170dpi)
  • Also leave the rest of the default hardware properties alone
  • Add a Hardware Property for Device ram size: “512”
  • Save the AVD

And output is as shown below:


  1. Hi Dhaval,

    It throws error:
    Unable to read repository at


  2. Hi,

    I use eclipse build v22.0.5-757759 and there is a separate AVD Manager , not "Android AVD and SDK Manager", so I tried the following steps:

    1.Open Android AVD Manager
    2.Tools->Manage Add-On Sites...
    3.User Defined Sites tab->New->enter the URL:

    After that I checked the Official Add-On Sites tab and Extras node in packages window, I found no Samsung GALAXY Tab Add-on packages.

    Could you kindly help me to solve this problem?


    1. check this :

  3. I have tried that website, have downloaded the zip file, but still unable to find anything on Samsung to click on.